RBC Law Center- The Art of Recruiting a Superior Litigation Team

RBC Law Center strives to hire the best of the best in multi-plaintiff mortgage litigation. 

Their specialized recruiters seek out litigators from the top law firms to join their team. 

One partner states “We hand pick specific attorneys with proven track records against the largest banks.  We seek out the best to hold the banks accountable.”

Prior to joining RBC, one such attorney was recently part of an elite team of litigators who settled with Bank of America for a $500 Million Mortgage Settlement.

In February of 2014, another talented litigator whom is recently featured in Bloomberg for her work at the NJ Office for the Attorney General, Division of Consumer Affairs – Bureau of securities, joined RBC as a contract attorney.  

As a result of her accomplishments at the NJ Attorney General’s office, this attorney was nominated for the NJ Attorney General’s 2013 Award for Outstanding Contribution to a Special Project Award.

The search continues for RBC Law Center as they bring on the best in mortgage banking litigation.